Season 38 Episode 22

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle,

for Saturday June 8, 2024.

Join Penny Tanner Hoath and Robbie Gaspar this week on the show chatting everything football including a visit by the Socceroos next week.

Tash Rigby, Football West Manager Female Football and Advocacy. What is currently on Tash’s plate as she jumps into the growing space of upskilling our female participants. Are we capturing Matildas Mania here in Perth? Review Matildas v China matches, squad selection and lead in to the Olympics.

David Templeman, WA Sports Minister. How is sport travelling in 2024. Is it being resourced enough for the participation levels? What are some of the benchmarks and targets the government wants to see post WWC and immense Matildas success here in WA? Two Italian giants filled Optus Stadium last week. What is the legacy for football in Perth from that venture? How is Perth receiving the Socceroos v Palestine match?

Jonathon McKain, Professional Footballers Australia. What’s on the table in the PFA space post A-League seasons. How is the Canberra United challenge affecting player contracts and the club. Socceroos squad and team banter leading into the Palestine match Tuesday June 11.

Greg Farrell, Subiaco NPLW Head Coach and Futsal WA Director of Coaching. NPLWA snapshot. Are we seeing enough Glory players in our local competitions. Futsal end of season news.