Season 38 Episode 2

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle, for Saturday January 20, 2024.

Sean Kelly, Dave Kindness and Tony “TC” Campbell are in the studio this week.

Locally we have pre-season friendlies as teams ramp up to the night series, the A-League held the first “Unite” round, AFC qualifiers, AFCON and EPL. Football never stops.

Alex Novatsis, Football West. We catch up with Alex to discuss what has been happening in the corridors of Football West during the off season.

Eve Watts, President Queens Park Soccer Club. The times they are a changing, we chat with Eve about the changes at Queens Park and the plan for the future.

Dave Winkless, Perth Glory Shed Supporters Club President. Dave was in Sydney for the Unite round, we will get his observations of this bold experiment. We will also talk about the GSSC, their tours of duty and shed traditions.

Tony Campbell, State Schoolboys coach, Tony recently travelled to Singapore with his school academy side. We will find out how that went, time permitting we will banter local, national and international football.