Season 38 Episode 1

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle, Saturday January 13, 2024.

Penny Tanner Hoath, A-League Stats man Peter Szkiela and Robbie Gaspar are in the studio this, for the first show of the year.

Football kicks off locally with the Night Series in a matter of weeks so we race into bringing you up to speed with that plus, nationally and globally what’s happening in the world game.

Kelechi Osunwa, a young man making a name for himself in and around football for all the right reasons, shares the upcoming local football competitions and news with us.

Blayne Treadgold, the only person we know who works full time in media, doing what he loves, talks up Perth Glory and the A-Leagues.

Katelyn Smith, ParaMatildas Goalkeeper, sharing what’s happening in the Inclusive Football World.

Simon Hill, Channel 10 and Paramount Sports Match Commentator, from Doha, following the Socceroos in their Asian Cup qualifying journey.