Season 37 Episode 33

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle for Saturday September 2, 2023.

Hugh Best and Jim Webb are your studio team this Saturday for what’s happening in the local and national football space.

The team jump in with ‘Pick it out of the net’ – what’s topical in the local news and social media.

Matt Stacey, number one Perth Glory Fan. A-League fixtures are out, preseasons are underway, and squads are being locked down.

Zach Waller, US correspondent on the USNWT performance in their WWC campaign and Messi fever in the United States.

Russ Gurr, Cook Islands Football Association Scout, on their world-wide search for players eligible to play for the National Team.

Hayley Roach, Lost Lioness. EFL Championship review and preview.