Season 37 Episode 32

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle for Saturday August 26, 2023.

Penny Tanner Hoath, Peter Szkiela and Louis Prospero are your studio team this Saturday for what’s happening in the local and national football space.

Peter Szkiela- ‘Pick it out of the net’ wrap of what’s topical in the local news and social media.

Tom Doleman, Football West Match Reporter. League outcomes, promotion and relegation battles, upcoming finals, competition news.

Tal Karp, Y Australia CEO, former Matilda. Some of the changes that have played out due to the support and media exposure of the WWC. Tal’s journey from WA to CEO of a major Australian Organisation. Brief overview of Play Our Way by the team.

Peter Szkiela, A-League Men news.

Miranda Templeman, Melbourne Victory Goalkeeper. A-League Women’s news.

Simon Hill, WWC match commentator. Journey into international women’s football commentary and some observations and outcomes of the WWC in Australia – debutants, award winners, potential impact on the A-League.