Season 37 Episode 28

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The World Football Programme, on 107.9FM Radio Fremantle for Saturday July 29, 2023.

Australian International Subbuteo player Hugh Best, joins Sean Kelly this Saturday morning. We will banter about the most important aspects of the biggest game on the planet.

Ben Gilby, Impetus Football Website creator. and Journalist We talk to Ben about the Perth Glory situation and its effect on recruiting for the A-League Women’s side.

Jimmy McPhail, Former State League player now plying his skills in the Amateur Leagues. Jimmy Joins us for our “pick that out of the net” segment. Jimmy will go through the articles and footballing podcasts that have caught his attention recently.

Fran Hurndall, “Chick with a ball” Why would anyone dribble a football from the Gold Coast to Stadium Australia? Fran knows!

Haley Roach, The lost lioness. With a week of massive highlights and lowlights, ticket sales and media coverage is this shaping up to be the best WWC ever? We will get Haleys take on the competition so far.