Season 36 Episode 8

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Join Sean Kelly and Vince Mattassa this Saturday for your morning cup of football on The World Football Programme, 107.9FM Radio Fremantle

Cam Watson, PFA

We will talk to Cam about the role of the FFA, What is the role of the PFA? Who do they represent? What can the PFA offer players and parents in the way of support and information about various issues and player agents.

Aaron Trevarthen, Football Tragic Podcast

Aaron will give us an East Coast view of the Perth Glory season so far and the sacking of Richie Garcia. We will preview the distance derby with Wellington.

Gareth Morgan, Media manager Perth Glory

Making a living out of football isn’t just the domain of the player. We find out how Gareth became a media Manager and how the changing face of media has changed his role.

Callum Gordo, Kingsway Olympic

When Club Amateur side Captain Pete Jarvis, was given a devastating diagnosis, the Club has wrapped around him in support of him and his family, best mate Callum is coordinating the response and gathering the support of the football family.

In between guests Sean and Vince will be talking about all avenues of football from the local to the national and international competitions.