Season 36 Episode 25

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The World Football Programme 107.9FM Media Release for Saturday July 23, 2022

Penny Tanner Hoath and Dave Kindness are your Studio Hosts this week. Tune in from 10am on 107.9fm or on live stream via for everything happening in the week in football.

The EPL is officially in town!

Guests for two hours from 10AM Perth time include –

Lee Stroud, Chairman, Perth Manchester United Supporters Club.

What has Manchester United added to the community in the Festival of Football and how are they looking for the upcoming EPL season.

Mick Owens, Inclusion Solutions, Coach in the Para Football and Inclusion Solutions Programmes. Updates on teams, tours and the link to Manchester United.

David Templeman, WA Sports Minister.

How has sport been impacted in this third year of the Covid era, are new sport and recreation facilities and redevelopments starting to align with demand, what will we start to notice in the community with an impending World Cup landing here in Perth and what will be the long term effects on the community.

Simon Hill, Paramount Plus Football Commentator.

Festival of Football activities across Australia and the effect on the Australian landscape. Have we ever seen so much international football on our screens and our doorstep? Has it done the job in creating more publicity and interest in our domestic football and what are the indicators of the Festival’s success ?