Season 34 Episode 9

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The World Football Programme 107.9FM for Saturday March 28, 2020

Football may have stalled across the World but the show must go on!

Social distancing, we make it easy all you have to do is stay in and listen to the radio, how easy is that!

This week Sean and Pete are in the studio catching up with special guests to put you in the picture.

Phil Kelly, State League Chair. What is the impact of C19 on State League clubs, what challenges and opportunities are there for the game locally and Nationally.

Myles Guazazelli, Ashfield SC. What does a young boy obsessed with football do when the game is taken away? Fortunately Football West have an innovative answer in the FIFA 20 E series club. We will chat with Myles about becoming Ashfields first E player and what the current football scene means to him.

Donna Giuffre, DT38 and The Par Post Perth. We catch up with Donna to find out about DT 38 and talk about the future of the A league in this ever changing World.

Karen Giles, CEO Clubs WA. With clubs facing a situation never experienced in our life time what are Clubs across WA doing to keep their patrons engaged, what strategies are available to ensure when we come out of the other side of this we have clubs to go to.

The Studio Team for 2020 is Penny TannerHoath, Sean Kelly, Peter Szkiela, Don Evans, Louis Prospero, Derek Pollock and Miranda Templeman, talking everything football from 10am to noon, WA time, on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM, every Saturday through to November.