Season 34 Episode 25

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The World Football Programme 107.9FM for Saturday July 18, 2020

Your hosts this week are Sean Kelly and Don Evans, whilst the local leagues are back to normal, the A-League kicks off this week in modified hub and looks very different. Meanwhile in the UK the EPL Champions may be decided but the UCL/ relegation spots will be decided in the final games. Football is back, very different but it’s back.

Our guests for this week are:

Ante Kovacevic coach of Floreat Athena for now! Will be telling us about his new adventure as he heads East to join Western United.

Graham Normanton, coach of Forrestfield United the most decorated coach in WA football history joins us to talk about his side this season and his club.

Derek Pollock, our very own EPL guru gives us his view of the EPL as it lurches towards its conclusion and what this will mean for next season and Champions League.

Donna Giuffre, DT38 Foundation will keep us up to date with what is going on with DT38 in this State, the country and the World. We will also find out what she has been working on during the Covid crisis.

The Studio Team for 2020 is Penny TannerHoath, Sean Kelly, Peter Szkiela, Don Evans, Louis Prospero, Derek Pollock and Miranda Templeman, talking everything football from 10am to noon, WA time, on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM, every Saturday through to November.