Season 34 Episode 16

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The World Football Programme 107.9FM for Saturday May 16, 2020

Penny Tanner, Don Evans and Miranda Templeman steer this week’s football conversations as progress towards football at the park looms closer.

Goran Stajic, ParaRoos, Wesley College. We discuss the week’s football news and banter school and ParaRoo’s football with Goran.

Gary Williams, Kingsway Olympic State League Division One Coach. Working towards a managed return to local football. How might that look as government restrictions ease.

Dean Georgio, Gold Leaf Creative. Giving girls and women’s football a stage inside your home.

Steph Brantz, ABC Sports Commentator. How hard will women’s football be hit and will a return to the high status it had pre Covid be possible in the near future. What should we look forward to in the near future?

The Studio Team for 2020 is Penny TannerHoath, Sean Kelly, Peter Szkiela, Don Evans, Louis Prospero, Derek Pollock and Miranda Templeman, talking everything football from 10am to noon, WA time, on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM, every Saturday through to November.