Season 34 Episode 13

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The World Football Programme 107.9FM for Saturday April 25, 2020

This weekend would have been a big round for the FFA cup, not missing it at all

Join Sean and Don in an oasis of football on day 100 in lockdown isolation as we have the following guests on Isolation Island.

Greg Farrell, West Coast Futsal and Redbacks coach.

Looking forward to an unwinding of the isolation restrictions, we ask Greg how he feels that will go and the impact the virus lockdown has had on he Women’s NPL which was in the starting blocks as the restrictions kicked in.

Daniel Garb, Journalist and DT38 ambassador.

We check in with Garby to see how he is going, his role as a DT38 Ambassador and his hopes and fears for football journalism in the post apocalyptic Covid-19 landscape and the future of our code in this country.

Dean Evans, Captain Floreat Athena, Small business owner.

What is it like when your entire life and livelihood revolve around football, How are the boys at Floreat keeping contact and keeping fit, what kind of season do the players want and how do we cram it all into our normal season timeframes.

Con Boutsianis, former Socceroo and Perth Glory idol, probably the best dead ball free kick taker in the Australian game ever! We reminisce about the Glory days and Don and I will share a Fanromance with Con. 

The Studio Team for 2020 is Penny TannerHoath, Sean Kelly, Peter Szkiela, Don Evans, Louis Prospero, Derek Pollock and Miranda Templeman, talking everything football from 10am to noon, WA time, on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM, every Saturday through to November.